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What’s different about our Wellness Program?

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  • we believe healthy employees deliver healthy profits!
  • our program helps employees take action today to stay healthy!
  • we only install a program compliant with current law
  • we ensure compliance every time you run a payroll
  • our technology stack will incentivize everyone – not just the healthy
  • In addition to physical health – our program improves financial health by following the law which puts more money in your employees’ take-home-pay

Our process will analyze your specific situation!

You wouldn’t be reading our website unless someone you trust sent you here to leverage our proprietary Programs, Process, and People.

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Quick Facts you should know …

  • We provide you with a secure portal – your first upload is your Payroll Census
  • Our goal is to be back to you within 48 hours with a detailed analysis of your Census enabling you to make your “Go” decision
  • Once you say “GO!” … We’ll do the heavy lifting to onboard eligible employees
  • Remember, we have a unique Bless Others program that enables you to bless others in your business network with wellness while also creating a referral income stream

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