Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship!

Benjamin Franklin

While we’ve saved clients millions – why should this fact matter to you?

It matters because the experience gained serving clients in multiple industries gives us a unique perspective to advise you on how to eliminate waste in your organization.

We like to say we are living our core values “out loud”; this means we will advise you to move forward with a project only if it make sense – Take a moment to explore how we can help …

Energy – from alternative energy sources to comfort control to protection

Would you love to install Solar? Geo-Thermal? Wind? – but you don’t have the funds to pull it off? We know how to make your dream a reality.

Would you benefit from having more control over your building’s indoor comfort? We have solutions to provide you with controls, alerts, and even a comfort guarantee – so, bring us your problems!

What happens if you lose the ability to execute your critical business processes? Whether it’s a production line or a counseling line you need to be able to serve your clients – we have solutions capable of protecting your facility from the ravages of dirty power.

Do you know if you’re being charge correctly for your energy? Yes – it’s common for State Public Service Commissions to place the responsibility for being charged correctly on you instead of on your utility company! We know what to look for and have the expertise to correct billing errors.

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Financial – from payment processing to improved cash flow & profitability

Do you allow your clients to pay with credit/debit cards? If your answer is ‘yes’ then we know we can save you money on your payment processing costs. How Much? We’ve saved clients up-to-50% of their costs for a traditional merchant account and over 90% when they choose to implement a cash-discount merchant account.

Would you like to improve your cash flow? Congress is always creating incentives for employers to hire and retain employees – one of the biggest line item expenses in your Profit & Loss Statement. Yes, we can audit your workers comp bill and more than likely find savings for you … but, the most recent spending bill signed into law late last year means there are many more incentives available for you to capture for your organization – yet, how do you capture them? Easy answer – use our software system and you could qualify for thousands of dollars of savings per employee.

Are you getting everything you’re entitled to receive in order to maximize your profitability? We have a team ready to conduct an engineered cost segregation study, a R&D study, or a WOTC study. Sound expensive? It’s not – you don’t pay anything until we find money that will enter your bank account! And then you pay for our services using found money – no impact to your existing budget!

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Consulting – from process improvement to organizational transformation

What is transformation worth?

For one of our clients, a distributor of live plants, we totally re-imagined their business system allowing them to ship 10% more product with 20% less labor all the while improving the accuracy of each shipment.

For another client, an international publishing company, it meant re-imagining their online presence while reducing the cycle time to print their annual buyer’s guide by 96.2% (what used to take 26 weeks could now be done in 1 week).

And for another client, in agriculture, it meant establishing new distribution channels for their produce which grew their packaging plant by a factor of 16 (from approximately $500,000 to $8,000,000 in sales).

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