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By implementing our Cash-is-King program.

Cash Discount Programs are rising in popularity.

Why? Because you can offer your customers the convenience of using their credit card while at the same time drastically lowering your costs for processing payments.

In essence, your clients decide if they want to pay cash for their items or pay a fee when they pay with a credit card. It doesn’t matter as to the type of card being used (basic, reward, etc.) because your client has chosen to pay a small service fee when they use their credit card.

It’s worth repeating: You no longer will pay any transaction fees.

We, as independent representatives for Priority Payments Detroit, will provide you with all the necessary equipment, documents, and signage for a compliant Cash Discount Program. The small service fee can be added to any non-cash type of payment; can be applied to debit or gift cards; is valid in all 50 states; and there are no extra payment processing costs (your total costs will usually go down 85% to 95%).

What happens if you’re not compliant? You’re at risk for penalties, frozen funds, or even being barred from taking credit cards.

Don’t take that risk – reach out to us at Savings@CostCuttersi.com or
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Cash-is-King program.

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